About Our Founder

TruLight Productions was founded in 2013 by Honesty Edwards. Her primary motivation is to enlighten others through art and expression. She loves to tell a good story from unique and  unconventional perspectives. In elementary school, Honesty was widely referred to as a strange child. She would write full plays in her free time that were eventually accepted and performed by students and teachers. Since she was an overactive child with a poor attention span, teachers used her plays as incentives for good behavior.

Honesty went on to receive a bachelors in business administration and a minor in broadcasting in television.   Her goal  when founding TruLight Productions is the same today as it was in elementary school… to be true to her own journey and artform, to inspire and educate, and to love every moment of it.

If you are interested in more  information about TruLight Productions, please feel free to contact us.